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Mental Health Support for Women of Color


Shalyn Isaacs, B.A, M.Ed
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

I offer Mind-Body Psychotherapy for Women of Color. I specialize in creating space to address the effects of systemic oppression (i.e racism, capitalism, sexism), intergenerational trauma, healing & self-empowerment.


Through integrating contemporary psychological approaches with the wisdom of Eastern spiritual traditions –

I specialize in addressing: trauma, low self-confidence, shame, intergenerational trauma, sexual violence, anxiety, dissociation, people-pleasing, ''imposter syndrome'', body image issues, boundaries, sexuality, perfectionism, mind-body disconnection, lack of self-trust & more.  

With specialized training in trauma-informed care and experience with ancient healing traditions, my intention is to support women of color with experiencing connection to their minds, bodies, emotions, spirits and the Earth.


My practice supports one with making life choices from a place of inner-wisdom and self-empowerment rather than survival.

My Specializations & What I Treat

 My approach to therapy is trauma-informed and based in a Liberation Psychology framework that seeks to address

how multiple social, cultural, and institutional factors impact the mental health of Black, Indigenous and

Women of Color (BIWOC). Through employing a Liberation Psychology framework, I also seek to 

provide you with tools to create change within your own life in ways that can impact your relationships,

communities and future generations. 


50 mins: Full Fee:  $170

sliding scale options dependent upon availability.

 I draw on these approaches to support BIWOC with the following:

  • Low self-confidence and self-trust
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • PTSD symptoms
  • Finding life meaning & direction
  • Racial Trauma 
  • Multicultural Identity Issues
  • Setting boundaries
  • Discrimination & Oppression (i.e racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQIA issues, capitalist expectations, ableism, colonization, etc)
  • Shame, self-blame, & guilt 
  • Body Image 
  • Anxiety & 'people-pleasing'
  • Perfectionism 
  • Feelings of powerlessness, disconnection & numbness

  • Intimacy & Sexuality
  • Healing from sexual violence
  • Mind-body connection 
  • Self-care and stress management 

  • Financial Empowerment & Entrepreneurship 
  • Self-identity 
  • Spirituality


My services are guided by the following intentions that are the foundation of how I practice. 

 To provide a supportive space for those who have experienced intergenerational and systemic traumas (i.e racism, sexism, discrimination, etc) and sexual violence to experience compassion, validation and empowerment. 

To offer decolonizing mental health care that integrates diverse cultural and spiritual healing approaches to support people with restoring their connection to their bodies, emotions, spirit, communities and Earth.

To help people break cycles of  intergenerational trauma in order to create pathways of abundance and compassion for themselves and their communities in ways that ripple outward to future generations.

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