Buddhist Psychology + Trauma-Informed Therapy


For building insight, compassion & liberation

Through integrating Buddhist Psychology 

with Trauma-Informed psychotherapy, I aim to support 

 people in experiencing life's fullness by learning to make intentional   choices from a place of awareness, compassion and wisdom.


My hope is that this process allows you to be free from patterns

that generate suffering and live from your true nature.

Shalyn Isaacs, B.A, M.Ed 
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
| මගපෙන්වීම


Mindfulness. Insight. Awareness. Intention.

Mind-Body Connection. Compassion. Liberation.


These are all some components of Buddhist Psychology.

For 10 years I have been exploring the teachings of Buddhist Psychology and understand the value these teachings and practices offer for individual and collective liberation from suffering, improved mental health, and deeper inner peace.

It is my joy to integrate these teachings with trauma-informed practice to support you on your journey of coming home to yourself, your body, and the earth.

Buddhist Psychology + Trauma Informed Psychotherapy 

I am committed to anti-oppression and decolonizing ancient practices that have been commodified by the West.

The wisdom of Buddhism is part of the ancestral wisdom passed down to me through my matrilineal lineage that I am reclaiming. I strive to integrate these teachings with trauma-informed therapy practices for supporting increased inner safety, mind-body connection and trauma resolution. 


Common issues that I support clients with include:
Confidence, Mind-body connection, Trauma (sexual, racial, intergenerational), Multicultural Issues (i.e navigating different cultural values), Emotional Regulation, Workplace Mental Health, Creativity, Anxiety, Depression, Spirituality, ''People-Pleasing'' Behaviors, Setting Boundaries, Sexuality, ''Imposter Syndrome'', Connecting With One's Ancestry/Ancestors or Cultural Background, Mindfulness.

My role is to support you with navigating the big and small moments of your daily life with deeper awareness, compassion and connection to your true nature in order to experience deeper fulfillment with your life and relationships. Through small, gradual changes and practices - change and freedom can take place.

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