30-Min Initial Consultation: Free

The initial consultation is an opportunity for us to explore whether we would make a good fit for working together. We will briefly explore the current life circumstances impacting your mental health, as well as your desires and goals for therapy. This is also an opportunity for you to ask me questions about my approach. A preliminary treatment plan may be discussed if appropriate. 

Psychotherapy Sessions 

 During sessions, we will work according to your pace to explore the different factors effecting your mental health and compassionate ways to support you in feeling more safe, regulated, and empowered in your

daily life. This is an opportunity to come home to yourself and explore your self deeper in an environment that supports your holistic wellness. 

Different strategies, techniques, and homework may be discussed to facilitate your therapeutic journey. 

60 mins: Full Fee: $150 - $170, sliding scale options are open depending upon availability.

To book an initial consultation,


Therapy Approach
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Financial-Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Coaching

I offer 1:1 and group coaching programs for women of color who are seeking support to enhance their confidence and self-empowerment around their financial wellness and entrepreneurship journeys. I am a Certified Trauma of Money Facilitator who works from a decolonized coaching approach.


This means that I support people in recognizing that abundance is not about hoarding immense wealth for ourselves (which is a mindset that is rooted in capitalism and scarcity). Rather, I help women of color recognize their internal abundance first and create financial prosperity through entrepreneurship in ways that allow you to nourish yourself and your community in healing, restorative ways.


Our insecurities around money are often rooted in trauma, as well as our experiences with racism, sexism, capitalist expectations, and other intersectional oppressions. Our work together involves healing trauma and un-learning the social messages you may have internalized throughout your life that are impacting your embodied feelings around money and business, including: racism, sexism, capitalist ideology, and more.  

50 min session: $180*

80 min session: $225*

Group Sessions: Coming Soon

*Packages available upon request.

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Public Speaking Engagements

I currently offer public speaking services, as well as workshops and keynotes tailored to specific organizational needs. I work through a mutual co-creation process that involves active communication between myself and an organization to understand your specific needs and desires.

My decolonizing approach to offering these services comes from a perspective that seeks to honor harmonious, equitable partnerships. 

Topics That Services Can be Tailored To:

  • The empowerment of Women of Color from a liberation-centered, decolonizing perspective.

  • Healing Intergenerational Trauma

  • Decolonizing Psychotherapy

  • Trauma-Informed Care 

  • Gender-Based Violence

  • The role of self-care & community care in social advocacy and the helping professions.

  • How to establish connections with the Earth & our spirituality for collective change. 

  • Establishing connection to our emotions, bodies, spirits, communities and Earth in ways that create individual & collective change and liberation. 

  • Meditation for individual and collective wellness & liberation.

  • Mental health and factors that influence psychological wellness.

  • Mental health strategies for individual and community care.

  • Somatics and other body-centered frameworks for healing and liberation from trauma and oppression.

  • Self-care & pleasure as political: how engaging in pleasure encourages liberation from systems of oppression.

  • Unlearning colonial, capitalist, patriarchal narratives.

  • Unlearning oppressive narratives of bodies & sexualities.

Contact me at: for inquiries.