My Background

Navigating Two Cultural Worlds


     I am a second-generation settler of Sri-Lankan / Sinhalese ancestry born and raised in what is now called Toronto, Canada. I grew up navigating between two different cultural worlds and never quite felt like I belonged in either. Growing up, I always sought to understand what it means to be a South Asian woman living in a Western, patriarchal and capitalist society. I tried to uphold traditional cultural values of what it means to be a ''good woman'' while simultaneously challenging racial stereotypes of South Asian women that are prominent in North American society.


     My lived experiences with racism, discrimination and GBV made me feel that I had to mold myself to fit other people's expectations in order to feel safe and accepted. However, doing this only gave me a false sense of safety - because my inner security became dependent on giving up parts of who I was and my desires in order to conform to what I believed other people or institutions wanted from me.

It became exhausting. 


     Over the past several years, I have been un-learning all the social messages I had internalized that are embedded in racism, sexism, capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy. I learned to re-write my story and rely on my personal values and desires to guide me towards living a life that is more authentic and fulfilling for me. I have reclaimed my connection to my Buddhist ancestry and have been initiated into the Himalayan Yoga Tradition where I learn and practice Kundalini and Hatha Yoga from traditional lineage keepers. I aim to incorporate the wisdom of these traditions into my psychotherapy practice and everything I do in life.

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